Ortelio discusses Connected Healthcare Robotics in Geneva

Ortelio participated at a workshop organised by “The Brocher Foundation” in Geneva (15-16 June 2017) to discuss “Connected Healthcare Robotics” issues, and more specifically the issues relating to Cloud Robotics when used for healthcare applications. The workshop had a number of themed panels, presentations and interdisciplinary discussions. Ortelio participated in two of the panels, and[…]


Cloud robotics: what is in it for me?

If you are potentially interested in cloud robotics, we would greatly appreciate sharing your views at This short survey will help us understand the challenges that robotic software developers are facing. It should only take you about 5 minutes to complete.  


Ortelio at the European Robotics Forum 2017

Ortelio is participating at the European Robotics Forum 2017 (ERF 2017) in Edinburgh, Scotland (22-24 March 2017), presenting its work in the MARIO project. You may visit us to discuss how robots can be used to support people with dementia, and learn about our open software platform for developers to easily create and deliver robotics apps. Ortelio is[…]


Ortelio at RoboBusiness

Ortelio is attending the RoboBusiness event (28-29 September 2016) that is being held at the city of San Jose, the heart of Silicon Valley. RoboBusiness is the international gathering place for professionals who want to create business advantage with robotics. For 12 years, RoboBusiness has empowered thousands of end users, investors and solutions providers to understand and utilize robotics to[…]


Ortelio at the Robotics & Autonomous Systems (RAS) event

Ortelio is attending the Robotics & Autonomous Systems (RAS) Regional Dissemination & Brokerage Event (12 September) in Coventry. Organised in collaboration with the Midlands Robotics Network, this event brings together RAS innovators across the Midlands region. Ortelio is having the opportunity to discuss with innovators its work on cloud robotics, and on possible uses of its cloud platform for intelligent[…]


Ortelio at the European Robotics Forum 2016

Ortelio will have a stand at the European Robotics Forum 2016 that is held in Ljubljana (20-23 March 2016). During these 3 days Ortelio will be presenting the RAPP platform: “An open-source software platform for developers to easily create and deliver robotics apps”. Come and visit us at the European Robotics Forum.


RAPP white paper

We have just released a white paper on our Robotics Application Platform (RAPP), partially developed in the RAPP project. This open source cloud-based platform is a three-tier system using a ROS-based cloud, a robot API/SDK, and a robotic application store for distribution and execution of apps on Linux-based robots. The platform also enables different types of robots[…]


Ortelio at the euRobotics Brokerage Day 2015

Ortelio will attend the euRobotics Brokerage Day 2015, taking place at Brussels Expo on November 18. The main aim of this event is to bring together stakeholders from the robotics field to meet and discuss potential project ideas and network. The event will allow the over 300 participants expected to make new contacts and find partners, especially during face to[…]


Ortelio and the MARIO project feature in El Pais

Following the previous article about the presentation of the RoboBrain architecture by Ortelio Ltd at the Humanoids Conference in Madrid, ElPais got interested in our new EU funded project MARIO, and decided to feature an article about the project. Click here to read the full story (in Spanish). In this article, Kathleen Murphy, MARIO’s communication manager[…]


Ortelio at the European Robotics Forum

Ortelio participated in the European Robotics Forum 2015 in Vienna between 11 – 13 March 2015. More than 600 scientists, company representatives and robotics officials from the European Commission attended the event. Ortelio had the opportunity to discuss with researchers and business experts the RAPP and the MARIO projects and to interact in various relevant[…]