We’re hiring: Researchers on cloud robotics

We are seeking 1-2 cloud robotics researchers. Tasks include: Assessing the state of art in various fields of cloud robotics and preparing reports of highly technical nature. Supporting the preparation of European project proposals and applications for funding. Write and document code (we mostly use C++, Python, ROS, Javascript). Successful candidates will be offered the[…]


Ortelio is designing its own robots

While in Ortelio we have invested in the years since 2014 in the development and deployment of our Noos cloud robotics platform, we are convinced that a close collaboration with robot manufacturers and the co-branding of a series of home and industrial robots offers an unprecedented opportunity for improving our market capitalisation. Towards this, we are[…]


Ortelio leads EU-wide research initiative on ubiquitous semantics for “open world” robotics

Ortelio is leading an EU-wide research initiative to help increase the maturity of robotic technologies and enable translation to real applications in real open world environments. We believe that real applications targeting open world environments need to deal with and reason about the uncertainties and unstructured nature of both the application and the environment. Reasoning[…]


Ortelio and Noosware to develop a cloud infrastructure and the relevant cloud services for a personalised recommender platform for dementia prevention

Worldwide, around 50 million people have dementia, a complex ageing-related societal problem affecting individuals and their families, requiring specialised, outpatient healthcare personnel and resulting to an enormous burden for public healthcare systems and immense costs. Ortelio and Noosware will develop the cloud-based ecosystem with the participation of key stakeholders involved in Alzheimer Disease research and[…]


A look ahead for the China robotics market

A look ahead for the China robotics market at Even though China is strong in some aspects of AI, its dependence on US suppliers and its lack of technological infrastructures such as cloud robotics might lead to establishing stronger links with Europe in the near future.


Ortelio’s position paper on Cloud Robotics

Ortelio’s position paper on Cloud Robotics: Cognitive Augmentation for Robots via the Cloud can now be accessed at the Atmosphere project’s website. The paper is part of our recent activities supporting EU-Brazil cooperation, including our participation in a workshop on cloud robotics on 15-16 July 2019 in Belém, Brazi, and our cooperation with the Amachains blockchain[…]