Ortelio attends the ICT Proposers day

Ortelio participates in the ICT proposers day, held in Florence, Italy, between9 and 10 October 2014. The networking event was held to promote European ICT Research & Innovation, focusing on the Horizon 2020 Work Programme for 2015. Our participation focused on two works in progress: The first concerns the development of a spiking neural network[…]


Ortelio is attending NAOCONF 2014

Ortelio is participating in NAOCONF 2014, the first conference dedicated to Aldebaran Robotics’ NAO humanoid robot. The event is taking place in Queen Mary University London in September 19-21, with the participation of NAO developers, roboticists, investors or anyone else with an interest in robotics. We are looking forward to discuss and exchange knowledge with[…]


Ortelio presents RAPP at the ACE meeting in Brussels

Ortelio participated in the New Frontiers for European Entrepreneurs event (NFFEE), held in Brussels on April 29. This summit featured hundreds of entrepreneurs from all over Europe, bringing together leading initiatives dedicated to the promotion of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship for growth in the EU. It was organised by the Accelerating Cross-border Engagement (ACE) project,[…]


Robots for the benefit of the society

Recognising the increasing role that robots will play in our society in the next years, Ortelio is working in two areas: Research and development of an artificial robot brain that will be able to interact with human users. Ortelio is collaborating with research organisations and industry from UK, Ireland, Czech Republic and Greece. Research and[…]


The future of robotics

With the acquisition of Boston Dynamics in December 2013, Google already possesses eight robotic companies. The last seven robotic companies that Google bought were all startups. Boston Dynamics is not. It was founded 20 years ago and is designing robots for the US department of defence. Boston Dynamics possesses the most technologically advanced robots in[…]


RAPP kick off, Thessaloniki

Ortelio is attending the kick-off meeting of the FP7 funded project RAPP, in Thessaloniki, Greece. RAPP has gathered a team from 7 organisations in 5 European countries to support the creation and delivery of robot assistive applications for the elderly. Ortelio is leading the team’s software development efforts.