Workshop on “Cloud robotics: Deployment prospects and future needs”

Ortelio is organising a Workshop on “Cloud robotics: Deployment prospects and future needs” which will be held in the context of the European Robotics Forum in Bucharest on March 21st, 2019, from 14:00 to 15:30, in room Brasov.

This is the first European workshop on the possible applications of cloud robotics. Our goal is to influence and to drive the research, development and operative deployment of cloud robotics in Europe, by identifying promising application areas and by connecting the stakeholders from research and industry.

During the workshop we will first discuss technical issues, such as current deployment state of art and deployment modes (cloud, fog, edge), equipment and performance, blockchain and robotics, technology barriers and enablers. Then we will discuss business applications, focusing on deployment benefits and costs, market state of play, existing business cases, future trends and needs.

Questions for discussion will include:

  • Q1: What are the main barriers and gaps hindering operational deployment of cloud robotics?
  • Q2: How can we learn from areas where cloud robotics is deployed operationally today?
  • Q3: What are key areas where cloud robotics can be applied in the near future?
  • Q4: Can links be formed with existing initiatives, such as the DIHs?

Participants will include:

  • Dr. Sascha Griffiths, Research Manager, Ortelio Ltd.
  • Prof. Pieter Simoens, IDLab – Ghent University – imec
  • Mr Javier Huarte Lesaca – ITAINNOVA – Instituto Tecnológico de Aragón
  • Dr Ulrich Klank – Magazino GmbH
  • Mr Vasco Lopes – Universidade da Beira Interior

We look forward to seeing you there.